Questions and Answers


What is the difference between a Chapter and a Group?
Propel Chapters are designed to gather in relationship with local churches and their women’s ministry or small groups ministry. Chapters use our Conversation Series as their focus material each time they meet. It’s a great tool for discussing their passions, learning to walk more confidently in their purpose, and fulfilling their potential.

Propel Groups are often comprised of women from your community or workplace who may go to a variety of churches, or not attend church. Like a Chapter, they gather to experience authentic community and spiritual growth. They meet at the office, over lunch, in a local coffee shop, or a group leader’s home. A group provides a welcoming environment for participants who might not feel comfortable in a church setting, or whose schedules prohibit them from attending a local Propel Chapter.

How do I find a Chapter in my area? 
We've made it easy for you. Search our Chapter Directory here.

How do I become an official Propel Chapter? 
Fill out our registration form here and someone from the Propel Team will be in touch with you shortly.  When we have your Chapter information we will be able to add you to our Directory.

How are churches implementing this into their existing structure?
Churches are implementing Propel in two common ways—through their small groups ministry or women's ministry. Our curriculum is easily adaptable for either situation. It’s perfect for a semester system since you can go through a curriculum in six easy sessions.

Or, it works just as well for a year-round system because you can begin with our first conversation series, and then start the next one every six sessions. With our soon to be released new series, we have more than enough series to last an entire year whether you meet weekly, twice a month, or once a month. Our team would love to chat with you about how to move through the series seamlessly.

Is there a specific order to the Propel curriculum?
We recommend that you start with Personal Leadership. This is a great introduction to the Propel content and our style of teaching. The topics also apply to any women leading in any sphere of life. After that Passion, then Growth, and then Momentum.

How much homework does Propel curriculum require?
The conversation series were created with busy women in mind. There is no required homework and the content is all designed to be discussed during the Chapter meeting. The accompanying workbook, however, is a great guide for remembering the conversations and notetaking.

What are the costs associated with a Propel Chapter or Group? 
The only costs associated with the Propel Conversation Series are the purchase of a workbook and the DVD featuring of all the six sessions.

Can a Chapter or a Group go through a series more than once?
Absolutely! Many Chapters and Groups repeat a series, as well as initiate multiple Groups so more women can experience the Conversation Series.

How often does my Chapter or Group have to meet? 
We suggest that you meet at least once a month at minimum, so you can remember the content and have effective discussions. If you choose to meet more often, plan for six sessions in every Conversation Series. Every other week schedule is often easiest.

How did Propel begin and what is your purpose? 
Watch Christine speak about the Heart Behind Propel in this interview.

I want to start a Propel Chapter but cannot until 2018.  Is there a specific time Chapters are supposed to start?
No worries! You can start Propel in your church anytime. 

How should I decorate for our gathering? Are other chapters doing this over lunch or dinner? 
These are great questions and we have created the perfect Facebook Page for you to brainstorm with other Propel leaders like yourself. Go to the Propel Women Facebook Page and request to be added to our Chapter Leader community group. Once you are added, you can review all the amazing ways other Chapter and Group Leaders have hosted their gatherings.

What if there is already a Propel Chapter or Group in our area? Should there be more than one in a city?
Our vision is for a Chapter in every church and Groups in every city. Wherever women gather, Propel Women wants to be there. 

I really want to start a Propel Chapter but have never led anything. Can I still lead?
Yes! Our curriculum is very simple to facilitate. If you can read, you can lead. We developed the Conversation Series with busy women in mind. There is prep time for the content, however, we did create a Propel Leader's Guide to help walk you through the experience of hosting and  facilitating a Chapter or Group. 

We could have hundreds of women attend our chapter or group. Do you offer bulk pricing for your resources? 
Yes we do, when you order more than 10 Workbooks in our store you'll receive a discount. 

Will there be more Propel Conversation Series?
Yes! We are designing new curriculum continuously, and we will release two new Conversation Series per year for our Chapters and Groups.