Destigmatize Mental Health

As mental health statistics rise and we see a generation become more impacted by mental health challenges, we as leaders need to look at how we can best support people affected by mental health challenges. Michi Marshall, a forensic mental health specialist, talks to us about her journey with mental health and how she has navigated the journey as a leader, and a wife to her husband.



Michi Marshall

Michi Marshall is a Behavior Forensics Specialist and Co-Founder of the Brandon Marshall Foundation.  She is also the owner and fashion designer of special botique and private label YUKI.  You can follow Michi on Twitter @MrsMichMarshall

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Kara Nelson June 6, 2015 at 3:02am

Thank you for speaking up, standing up and being a face and voice for change. Stigma is broken by those of us with lived experience putting a face and voice to mental health and substance use disorders. Our prison systems are the number one "providers" of mental health. Our Nation has criminalized many social disparities. Changed potential is awesome! As a woman in long term recovery from substance use and mental illness as well as much lived experience through our justice system, I am in awe everyday of God's Grace, Mercy and Unfailing favor overflowing in my life everyday. Every ugly, painful and seemingly impossible situation in my past is now used for beautiful healing, freedom and meaningful change for others. I am the Director of a faith based transitional home for woman returning after incarceration. Stigma is the number one killer for perpetuating our society into treating their fellow wo(man) as less than worth, second class citizens and not whom God created us to be. Thank you again and thank your husband. We can only make a change by being the change.. those closest to the issues are closest to the solutions! #KingdomSTRONG

Liane May 17, 2015 at 9:43pm

I applaud Michi and her husband, Brandon, for the work they are doing to speak out about mental health issues! At 19 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I am now 31 and I still struggle on a regular basis to gain control over my mental health. It is on ongoing effort that needs more support from people like Michi and Brandon. For any of you women who may be struggling with mental health issues, I pray that you are able to find the support you need and deserve to gain the upper hand.

Melody May 17, 2015 at 1:36am

Thank you Propel women for touching on the topic of mental health! I think it's great that Michi and her husband are being open about their struggles and want to help others through awareness. Many times mental health is a "invisible illness." My sister has bi-polar disorder, body dystrophic disorder, and an eating disorder. Although she may not appear physically sick, she struggles and we struggle with her daily. May God strengthen us all to have the love, patients, and compassion he has for us.