Propel Groups

Our desire is that Propel Groups will help move those of us who are operating in the full throttle of our leadership gifting even further that we have ever been, and that women who never thought they were leaders will begin to see themselves as leaders and step into their passion, purpose, and potential.

Propel Groups are independent gatherings of women who want to walk through the Propel Conversation Series together.  We want to provide a comfortable environment where participants experience authentic community and spiritual growth.

Maybe it's your coworkers, direct sales team, or the ladies from your Tuesday night book club. 

A Propel Group can gather anywhere you choose— at the office, over lunch at your favorite restaurant, in a local coffee shop, or a group leader’s home.


Start a Propel Group in 3 Steps:

Register as an official Propel Group by filling in this form.  

Order the Conversation Series for your Group in the Propel Store.

Gather a Group of Women and begin the Conversation Series together!



Need to purchase the Conversation Series curriculum for your Group?  Get it HERE.


How do I become an official Propel Group? 
Fill in the form here so we can get to know you.  

What are the dues to be a Propel Group? 
There are no dues! The only costs associated are with the Propel Conversation Series workbook and DVD.

How often does my Group have to meet? 
We suggest that you meet at least once a month at minimum. If you choose to meet more often, please remember that the Propel Conversation Series is 6 sessions. 

How did Propel begin and what is your purpose? 
Watch Christine speak about the Heart Behind Propel in this interview.

Is there a specific time of year Groups are supposed to start?
No, we would love for your Propel Group to start anytime that works for you. 

What if there is already a Propel Group in our area? Should there be more than one in a city?
Our vision is that there are many groups in a city or region. 

I really want to start a Propel Group but have never led anything. Can I still lead?
Yes! Our curriculum is very simple to facilitate. If you can read, you can lead. The way the Conversation Series is developed we have taken the leader's prep time out of the equation. We have also created a Propel Leader's Guide to help walk you through the journey. 

We could have HUNDREDS of women attend our group. DO you offer bulk pricing for your resources? 
Yes we do, when you order more than 10 Workbooks in our store you'll receive a discount.  

Will there be more Propel Conversation Series?
There will be more Propel Conversation Series with the next one being released in the Fall of 2016.

How much homework does Propel curriculum require?
The Conversation Series were created with busy women in mind. There is no homework, it is all designed to be discussed during the Group meeting.