You're invited to a monthly Leadership Training with Propel!   


Do you have women in your chapter who are on the edges?

Do you have women in your chapter who have so much God-given potential, but aren’t fully engaged?

Do you have women in your chapter who are having a difficult time on their journey, and need help (probably from you) to stay the course?

These are the questions we will be answering in our upcoming Propel Leadership Training Webinar.

Join us on Monday October 23, for Rules Of Engagement: Helping Every ONE Stay The Course.

This webinar is only offered to Propel Chapter leaders!

If you are ready to start your own chapter, or are already leading a chapter but haven't registered, please sign up HERE.

In this webinar you’ll discover:

-       the importance of “journeying well”
-       how to lead yourself on your own journey
-       how to lead others on their journey
-       how to recognize and identify where people are at on their journey
-       reasons why people disengage and what to do about it
-       how to increase the engagement of women in your Chapter
-       how engagement builds momentum