You're invited to a monthly Leadership Training with Propel!   

 Join us on February 26th for a webinar with Christine Caine, Megan Dredge, and the Propel Team. 

So you're a Chapter Leader and the next 11 months of the year are ahead of you.

As the leader, you're the one that's supposed to have a Vision for the year and for the women you lead, but maybe you're feeling like you just don't know where to start. 

Perhaps you've got questions running through your head such as:
- How do I "get" vision?
- What does "vision" even mean?
- What if I get it wrong?
- What if I can't do it?
- How do I get people on board with my vision?

Good news - our next #PropelLeadershipWebinar is going to answer your questions AND help you not only SEE the vision for your Chapter in 2018 but also SET your vision into motion. We're talking about Future Focus
How to See and Set Vision.

In this webinar you'll learn...
- what vision is
- what vision isn't
- the danger of lacking vision
- the awesome benefits (and joy) of being a visionary leader
- how to hear from God for your Chapter
- how to radically grow your chapter by building vision TOGETHER

This webinar is only offered to Propel Chapter leaders!

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