You're invited to a monthly Leadership Training with Propel!   

 Join us on Tuesday December 5th, for a conversation with the Propel Team. 

We have an incredible opportunity we have to finish the year strong.

We don’t have to be caught up in what the world gets caught up in.

We don’t have to just tumble over into the new year without purpose and passion.

We don’t have to be like everyone else. 

God’s best for us is that we finish this year strong so that we can start next year even stronger!

We're talking about how to Finish Strong, Start Stronger: End The Year Confidently, Start The Year Passionately.

This webinar is only offered to Propel Chapter leaders!

If you are ready to start your own chapter, or are already leading a chapter but haven't registered, please sign up HERE.

In this webinar you’ll discover:

-       the importance of right thinking at the end of the year

-       how to end the year with purpose and intentionality

-       how to lead your chapter to a victorious end of year

-       practical strategies for finishing strong

-       how to end the year in a way that makes starting the year even better

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