You're invited to a monthly Leadership Training with Propel!   

So you’re standing in front of your leaders and you’re trying to figure out how to start this leadership meeting…

What should you teach them?
How should you lead them? 
How can you release them? 
How can you motivate them? 

These kinds of questions are asked by every leader, all the time.

And it is these are the kinds of questions we are going to be answering on our next Propel Leadership Training Webinar.

On August 16 is the next webinar entitled "Lead Through You: Releasing Others To Lead Well".

This webinar is only offered to Propel Chapter leaders!

If you are ready to start your own chapter, or are already leading a chapter but haven't registered, please sign up HERE.

In this free training webinar, for all registered Propel Chapter leaders, you will discover:

- why leading others works better for you and them
- how leadership momentum is achieved through leading others
- how to recognise and affirm others’ unique talents and gifts
- the joy of releasing leadership to others (and how to do it well)
- how to motivate and encourage those you lead to contribute in their own way
- how to maintain an attitude of humility and a willingness to grow, as you lead others well