Lifting Others As We Climb

It is so important as women that we look after each other and help see women become all they can be. One way we can do this is by lifting others as we climb. Sophia Nelson, Author of The Woman Code, describes what it looks like to build others as you climb, in order to see growth both for yourself and for others. 

Sophia Nelson is a Best Selling author and journalist. Connect with Sophia by following her on Twitter and by visiting her Website

Join the discussion March 13, 2016 at 11:47am

I am just this week discovering Propel. I am super excited. This is the first video here I have just watched. I love her incite on this topic. If only every one was this way!

Susan Atkinson November 23, 2015 at 3:17am

I work in a Fortune 500 financial institution -- mid-level. I have often felt disempowered and uneffective in my own career growth and development. However, in starting to truly be purposeful about the choices in this space, I have also made a choice to encourage others around me. The focus on my own career path propels my development, but my focus on encouraging and challenging others around me provides the internal or personal satisfaction for me. I am made to help others and even in the business world I can do this by challenging those (especially the women) to take the risks they may not otherwise take. Everyone needs encouragement and encouraging others / filling others up is an example of how God wants us to love each other (even inside a Fortune 500 company)!