My Story At Propel Women

Imagine a day that inspires and affirms all the leadership potential God placed inside of you. God wants you to be propelled forward into all He’s called you to do. Don’t miss this one-day experience. Make your reservations now!

I would call myself a reluctant and formerly resistant leader.

Before I married my husband who was already a pastor, I was a self-proclaimed behind-the-scenes introvert, and continued to march to the beat of that drum for over a decade after our nuptials.

I truly enjoyed supporting my husband, raising our family, homeschooling our children and helping counsel individual girls along the way.

But, in the past two years, my identity has been flipped on its head in the best of ways after saying a hesitant "yes" to leading a Propel Chapter at my church and subsequently attending a Propel Activate Event.

Leading a chapter has been an incredible experience as I am now witnessing other women in my sphere of influence starting to rise up and internalize their personal leadership identity.

However, being able to GO and BE in an arena with thousands of other like-minded women who are all being simultaneously propelled into their passion, purpose and potential is an experience I will never forget.

The worship with Kari Jobe and her team was anointed and Spirit led which opened the doors for a powerful message from the founder and visionary behind Propel Women, Christine Caine.

Chris encouraged us to remember that we should never settle for the wilderness; that this is a fight of faith and our victory is found in the giants the Lord has given us to defeat.

I completely related to this statement as I've watched the giants of insecurity and fear fall to their death in the past 24 months as I have continued to say yes to what God has impressed upon my heart to do next.

Chris further reminded us that even though this fight of faith will sometimes hurt, it is worth it. We have to possess that we might inherit and we must live with an overcoming mindset. Above it all, we have to remember that in Christ, there is NO lack.

The most impacting moment of the event for me though was when Joyce Meyer shared so transparently about her fight of faith through the decades of her amazing worldwide ministry. She read entries from her own personal journals where she found herself ready to throw in the towel over minor things. She shared about disagreements with her husband and the discouragement that would overwhelm her when they were in strife. She bared her soul and innermost struggles with us and allowed us to feel normal. I heard multiple women comment that this was one of their favorite parts of the conference.

Joyce brought validation to the room by allowing us to see that she is human just like the rest of us BUT that every single time she would feel down and discouraged that the Word of God enabled her to keep going. She encouraged us to live deeper, never give up, and seek God for who He is and not what He could do for us.

Another impactful thing Joyce shared is that we need to enjoy this journey and to not waste our lives and our time on things that don't matter. She said, "The biggest thing to be afraid of is not failure. The biggest thing to be afraid of is succeeding at something that is useless." For me, this further confirmed to me that I need to put away all distractions and press into God and all the opportunities He has given me to partner with Him to bring as many people into His Kingdom as I can. What a privilege!

Jessica Stallbaum

Jessica Stallbaum is a 33-year-old wife to Matt and mom to two handsome boys and an adorable and spunky curly-haired 5-year-old girl. She home schools them til noon and then spends the rest of her time serving with their church, East Coast Christian Center in Viera, FL. She loves serving with their women's ministry, Sisterhood, and as a Propel Chapter Leader. She can't live without hot black coffee, running early in the morning, listening to leadership podcasts and reading great books.

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Susan Gruener June 4, 2017 at 5:59am

Thanks so much for sharing this! I got so much out of this and was encouraged by these words of wisdom.
Bless you!

Jeanne Kelly May 28, 2017 at 12:11pm

I think I attended that event if it was in Orlando and agree that it had tremendous impact on so many! I loved all you mentioned and hosted a propel group in my home in the new year to dip my big toe into leadership! I also found myself facilitating a small group at our women's Monday night bible study! One of the great things about Propel is how Christine Caine reminds all women that our calling is ageless! I am old enough to have grandchildren but still need to develop the leadership within! Thank you for the article, such a great conference/event!!!!

Nikki May 28, 2017 at 12:39am

I connected with much of what you said. Thank you for sharing!