My Story At Propel Women

Imagine a day that inspires and affirms all the leadership potential God placed inside of you. God wants you to be propelled forward into all He’s called you to do. Don’t miss this one-day experience. Make your reservations now!

I first heard about Propel on social media. What excited me most was the inclusivity of the Conversation Series Curriculum. I am a Nanny/Home Manager for a family and turning forty later this year but still trying understand where the Lord wants me. I was drawn to finding a place I would be able to “fit in”. It can be difficult at times, in church life, being single at my age and without kids.

When I first learned a friend of mine was going to lead a Propel Group I emailed her about joining right away! By the next semester, I was praying and seeking the Lord for a host home to lead my own Propel Group.  Soon enough, the Lord provided through a friend who opened her home.

When it came time for the Propel event in Dallas I couldn’t wait!

I attended a dinner for the Propel Leaders the night before the event. I was asked to watch one of my former nanny girl’s - Claire - and I brought her with me. On the way home, Claire asked about the event the next day and she wanted to go.

After getting her to bed, I began to search online to find a ticket. Praise the Lord we found one!

I have attended many women’s events over the years but the expectation for this one was new and fresh. It was one day, filled with worship and so many speakers I couldn’t contain my excitement. I chose to volunteer at the event and was able to greet the ladies as they entered the venue.

I prayed for what I thought the Lord needed to do for me, but went with an expectant heart for whatever God would choose to do.

During worship the Holy Spirit came into the venue and filled so many hearts! Claire stood next to me and we worshipped the Lord together.

There was so much wisdom shared from Christine and the rest of the speakers. A few things I took away with me were:

Lay Hold for Breakthrough
Press On
Live your life well

2 Corinthians 3:18  “But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in mirror the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

God transformed many lives that day, including mine. As we worshipped and learned together we met with Him.

I look forward to someday becoming a wife and mother but until then I press on in my life, helping families raise their children into whom the Lord has called them to be. If you have a daughter, a niece, or any young girl they will enjoy the day!

I was reminded by the Lord that day, although I am not a mom yet the Lord uses me as a nanny to bring the love of Jesus wherever I go. Ladies, it’s truly amazing how the Lord can give us so many answers, and Propel us into the destiny he has for us.

I have great expectations for the Propel Activate events in 2017!

Sarah Ferguson


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