Top Articles in 2017

What a year! 2017 was one for the books! Though, 2018 is quickly rising with endless possibilities, we wanted to reflect on highlights from such an incredible year with you at Propel.

We love that women from all over the world are coming together and celebrating the call to develop their potential, dive into life with purpose, and to live passionately.

Our Propel blog has been a favorite of ours - starting with the most incredibly wise contributors ever! Biased as we may be, we know you just may feel the same way. Throughout this year, we have been encouraged,we have been challenged and we have grown from the stories and wisdom poured out from our amazing contributors.

We couldn’t be more thankful for each one of you who makes it a point to share the Propel love with your own communities. We appreciate every share, re-tweet and like over the past three years. Because of your support, we have been able to reach even more woman like you, who are passionate about moving forward, taking charge and leading the way.

To wrap up such an incredible year, we couldn’t move forward without highlighting some of your favorite articles from 2017. So get comfy, and get ready to be encouraged, challenged and empowered as you go through these articles.



1) Aubrey Sampson: Overcoming Not Enough-ness


2.) Karen Harmon: “Correction vs Criticism” -


3.) Dee Ann Turner: “Disappointment: God’s Provision and Protection” -


4.) Alli Worthington: “Finding Your Passion and Your Calling” -


7.) Kaitlyn Hiltz: “Sanctification: The Road Less Traveled” -


8.) Christine Caine: “10 Signs of A Mature Leader” -


9.) Christine Caine: “10 Ways To Be A Better Team Leader” -


10.) Elyse Murphy Roberson: “All The Single Ladies” -


11.) Kari Jobe: “The Garden: God’s Heart For Relationship With You” -


12.) Alli Worthington: “The Best Way To Schedule Your Day” -


13.) Karen Harmon: “When The Struggle Is Real” -


14.) Chrystal Evans Hurst: “Conquering Comparison” -

15.) Elyse Murphy Robertson: Face Your Feelings

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