Tulsa, OK

Tulsa 2015 Event Recap

It’s hard to imagine how it could have gotten any better at Guts Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as thousands of women gathered to glean from some of the very best! The times of worship with Kari Jobe were off the charts, setting the stage for amazing speakers such as Lisa Bevere, Bianca Olthoff, Lisa Harper, and Christine Caine.

The Q&A with our panel of dynamic and powerhouse women encouraged all of us to run our race well wherever we find ourselves. Christine interviewed the amazing Meighan Stone, President of the Malala Fund, and we also heard from the incredible Brooklyn Taylor.

Whether you were a stay at home mother, a CEO of a company, or a lawyer, we were all inspired to lead with passion, and a renewed sense of purpose.

THANK YOU for joining us for this event, and for those who weren’t able to be with us, don’t you worry, there will be many more to come in 2016!

PROPEL into the passion, purpose, and potential God is calling you to.





Thank you for joining Christine Caine And Special Guests Lisa Bevere, Kari Jobe, Lisa Harper, and Bianca Juarez Olthoff:

Alli Worthington is the COO for Propel Women. Connect with Alli on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and her Website

Jenni Catron is a church leader and author of the book CLOUT. You can follow Jenni on Twitter

Kimberly Chandler is a Philanthropist and Journalist who lives by the motto "It's all about the journey." You can follow Kimberly on Twitter.

LoriAnn Biggers is the CEO, Bella Vaughan, Inc and former President of North America for Lloyd's of London. 

Meighan Stone is the President of the Malala Fund.  Connect with her on Twitter.

Natalie LaBorde is the Assistant Chief of Staff in the office of Govenor Bobby Jindal in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can follow Natalie on Twitter and Facebook



This event was sponsored by A21.