What Are The Opportunities Single Women Have To Serve

Single women have a great opportunity to serve the body of Christ in a variety of ways that are simply different to other marital statuses. As we explore this topic, listen in as Melody Harper brings value and wisdom to serving and leading as a single woman. 

Melody Harper is the Assistant Professor and Department Chair of Global Studies at Liberty University.

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Katie Gesto January 1, 2017 at 2:53pm

Thanks, Melody for sharing that. I'm 50 and single for the Lord and felt that as a clear call over 10 years ago and agree with all you said. I do get funny looks when people ask me if I have kids and are married and do let them know I would have loved to be married and have kids but this was what God put on my heart and i said 'Yes" to His espousal. Tradition says that St. Matthew was the first one to "consecrate women" and that women of that day and subsequently felt called to just be united with Jesus and to serve as you said and to be real intercessors for this world. It's a hidden call but a beautiful call that is so pleasing to the Lord and as you said, adds to the beauty of the Body of Christ. God bless you!