Becoming The Best You

Who is the “best you?” Is she someone other than who you see in the mirror every day?

Many of us answer these questions daily without even realizing it, unintentionally creating subconscious standards for ourselves. Unfortunately, our answers often sound something like this:

I should be more ____. I should ____ less.
I’m not as ____ as she is. I’m an awful ____.
I don’t do enough for ____. I can’t believe I haven’t accomplished ____ yet.
I’m nowhere near where I should be.

Accepting a definition of the best version of ourselves without dissecting where it comes from is dangerous. If we view “her” through any other lense than the eyes of the One who created her, we are chasing a mold we weren’t created to fill. And, as many of us know, trying to find that woman is exhausting and defeating.

If we’re not careful, we can get stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to become someone who doesn’t utilize the unique gifts we have been given, and that woman runs right by God-given opportunities to freely thrive.

So, who are we supposed to be? I believe the answer to a great deal of deeply rooted insecurity lies in catching this question - not by shutting it down - but by changing the direction in which it seeks an answer.

God, who am I in you? Who is the woman you created me to be?

I can’t speak to your specific uniqueness, but I do know that the woman God created you to be is enough, as is the woman He created me to be (Psalm 139:13-14).

If we are constantly feeling inadequate, we need to take a look at where we are trying to go and who is telling us how to get there. There is only one source that holds the right fuel and directions we need to reach the “best” version of ourselves. The answer does not lie in finding or figuring her out ourselves, but in asking the One who created her.

We were each handcrafted and created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). No other mirror or standard has the right or ability to define His masterpiece.

Truth: the “best” version of you is who God made you to be. Fortunately there is a way to decode what that woman looks like without having to overanalyze.

How To Know Which “Standards” Are From God:

• God’s answer to who you are is not overwhelming.
• God’s image of you is only valuable, nothing else.
• God’s image of you does not require striving, it invites you to rest.
• God’s image of you does not factor in anything about anyone else.
• God’s image of you leads to peace, not stress.
• God’s image of you is one that says you are worth enough to die for.
• God’s image of you is beautiful.

If we will pause to take each voice we hear and hold it up against those truths, we will start to recognize which voices come from the world, and which one belongs to our Creator.

God will never ask us to be anything He has not created us to be.

So, is your idea of the “best you” a God-given version, or a woman created from opinions of the world, other people, and yourself? Answering that question can change the entire trajectory of self-worth and bring impossible freedom.

Becca Garvin

Becca was born and raised in the South. She is the oldest of four girls and loves her two "fur children" (70-pound dogs) very much. Becca is a blogger and a writer for various professional and nonprofit organizations, including NewSpring Church. She is also an Executive Search Consultant and serves as a Youth Ministry small group leader. You can connect with Becca on her blog at or on Instagram.

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