Best of 2023: Propel's Top 10 Articles


As 2023 comes to a close, we are thankful for the amazing women from all over the world who share their wisdom and encouragement through articles. Here are your top reader favorites for the year!

When Your Marriage and Your Faith are in Crisis - by Amy Lively

If it's the end of the world as you know it in your marriage, what does that mean for your faith? Amy Lively writes about painful endings, enduring truths, and new beginnings.

How Friendship with Jesus Makes Us a Better Friend - by Amy Boucher Pye

Being a Christian changes and grows us in many ways, including our quality of friendship. Read Amy Boucher Pye's story of how she became a better friend to others.

Praying for Politicians (Including the Ones We Can’t Stand) - by Denise Gitsham

Politics can bring out the worst in us, even as believers. Denise Gitsham shares four powerful ways God is moving her from furious partisanship towards faithful prayer.

Unlocking the Power of Your Best Life (It’s Not What You Think) - by Faith Eury Cho

Want to optimize, improve, and succeed? There's one thing you need more than anything else, writes Faith Eury Cho: practice enjoying God's presence.

Help for the one who feels Guilty Buying Things - by Dr Tam Wai Jia

"This is why we can't have the nice things," we joke. But can Christians have nice things? Dr Tam Wai Jia offers helpful wisdom for thinking through stewardship, generosity, and blessing.

Faith for the Messy Middle - by Christine Caine

Starting new projects, relationships, or habits is great. But what do you do when it gets messy and hard, and you're not sure you can go on? Don't miss Christine Caine's powerful encouragement: You're not finished yet.

Transform Your Workplace From the Inside Out - by Oyindamole Olusunmade-Odunga

Want to see change in your workplace? Oyindamola Odunuga shares six practical ways transformation can—and must—start with us.

How to Join the Mission of God (With or Without Kids) by Courtney Moore

What if "be fruitful and multiply" could be true whether we have children or not? Read Courtney Moore's powerful article about how all of us - married, single, mothers and child-free - can leave an impact for generations.

How to Love Fashion and Your Neighbour - by Sophia Russell

Love beautiful clothes but don't love the fashion trade's reputation for sweatshops and exploitation? Sophia Russell shares her story of discovering (and delighting in) ethical fashion.

Overcoming Offense - by Gloria Stella

There is a way to reach beyond our immediate hurts and find something valuable—not just in spite of the situation—but in the situation. Gloria Stella shares four prayers to help us overcome offense.