Biblical Mentoring – A Journey UP!

Do you want to grow and mature? Be smarter and wiser? Do you want to “get better”?

Good news. You’re not crazy and you’re not alone in these desires. In fact, it is innate to humankind to want to grow and develop – to be stronger, wiser, better. Besides our most primary physiological and safety needs, every human craves love, belonging, esteem, respect, and self-actualization: the desire to become the MOST one can be. It’s natural to want to be our best. And there has never been a generation with more hunger for purpose and direction than our generation today. The highest rates of job disengagement, depression, anxiety, addiction, lack of fulfillment, and conflicting priorities are just a few symptoms of the deep problems we face currently as a society and as churches. One may naively think Christians aren’t affected by these issues and stresses—but that's simply not true. As women in particular, the demands we carry and the juggle of conflicting priorities pull us towards living isolated and overwhelmed lives. We get stuck surviving instead of truly thriving. 

As multitasking women, our lives are often dictated by busyness and, sadly, one of the first things to go is our focus on the Word of God. This, the very bread – the words, the truth that was meant to feed our souls – is left unconsumed.  God is not surprised by our struggle, which is one reason we believe He gave us not only His Word, but also called us to walk and GROW together in community so we could pursue the best version of ourselves for His glory and our good. Not alone, but together. It’s God’s kindness to command us to not only care for each other in practical ways, but to also journey together through life’s hills and valleys while exchanging hope and strength each step of the way.

Community comes in many forms as displayed for us in ancient Scripture and played out in our modern lives. Mentoring is one way we experience growth in the context of community. Biblical mentoring is a God-given gift, designed by the Creator, who knows exactly what we would need to thrive. 

Throughout Scripture evidence and examples of mentoring are on full display: Jethro/Moses, Eli/Samuel, Elijah/Elisha, Jesus/the Apostles, Paul/Timothy and so many more. These are examples of an older person speaking into the life of a younger and less-seasoned individual. Many of us have experienced mentoring relationships in business and the secular world. It is very much part of business DNA. However, in the Church, mentoring sometimes gets lost in translation, lack of knowing how, or simply in laziness. We must encourage and challenge the Church to lean in and use Biblical mentoring as a powerful tool to help grow those along our path and under our stewardship. We need each other. Young people are hungry to learn, and older people have much to offer by way of wisdom and life experience. We aren’t looking for perfect people, but people living on purpose and willing to share.  

There is something special about one-on-one relationships between younger and older women (and men!). Mentors ask questions, help mentees envision goals, and challenge them to achieve these goals according to their faith and trust in Jesus. Mentoring relationships help push us forward in our faith and challenge us to a higher standard of living in every area of our lives. Through this practice, in the company of someone who is already a season ahead of us, we find hope and practical help as we embrace the high call to live the abundant life Jesus designed us to live. A mentor is someone who has gone ahead and is now pointing you in the direction of Jesus. 

As believers, we are called to mentor – to demonstrate God in our lives to the world around us, which ultimately results in advancing the Gospel. Have you thought about being mentored or mentoring someone? You don’t need to wait for someone to launch a mentoring program – you just need to take inventory in your own life by looking around and inviting someone on the journey with you. There should be someone ahead of you helping lead the way (mentor), and at the same time someone behind you that you are leading (mentee). 

This is the call of Titus 2. 

This is God-designed community.


Flourish Mentoring Team @ Passion City Church

The FLOURISH Mentoring Team at Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA has created a year-long mentoring program designed specifically for older and younger women. This innovative mentoring program can be utilized by individuals or groups to lead women through practical life topics viewed through the lenses of Scripture and build a foundation on the Word of God. Learn more about FLOURISH here.