Building Trust

Trust can take years to build but can be broken in a moment. When someone chooses to give you the gift of trust, treasure it!

What is trust?  Trust is defined as “a firm belief in the honesty, truthfulness and justice of a person”. It is similar to having faith in someone.  You can’t have a close, significant relationship without it.

To gain the trust of others you must be trustworthy. People don’t judge us by our intentions but by our actions, and we know that actions speak louder than words. Others can’t always tell what you are intending to do, they can only see what you have done and remember what you have said.  Do what you say you will do! Being trusted is an invaluable attribute, worthy of pursuing.

Choose to build trust into each relationship, both personal and business, in a strategic way. Trust doesn’t happen by accident. You are either given it as a gift or have earned it by demonstrating that you are worthy. Trust involves open and transparent conversations that reveal your feelings and the feelings of others. You can never have intimacy without trust. Practice having the difficult conversations with the significant people in your life to build trust into the foundation of every relationship.

Life without trust usually means living without deep connection; it feels empty. On the other hand a person who is highly trusted often has many significant, meaningful relationships to enjoy. Be proactive and learn what it takes to build trust. It will become one of your greatest assets.

Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa McInnes-Smith is a change catalyst, corporate encourager, global speaker and best-selling author.  Connect with her on Twitter.