Faith Eury Cho

by Faith Eury Cho


Here’s to the woman who knows that God is big but may consider her own life to be small.

Here’s to the “unseen” woman, the seemingly “ordinary” woman. Here’s to the one that doesn’t have a social media following nor is getting paid to travel the world. Currently, you may not have a platform, so you may not think you have influence. Yes, you. Today, I’m pulling out a chair for you to join me in this very moment.

You may be going to work, attending church, and doing all that you are required to do. However, without realizing it, you may, at times, find the following self-talk running through your mind—

“The world will keep turning, no matter what I do.”

“My opinion really doesn’t matter.”

“I’m not big enough to make a difference.”

“I’m not ‘there’ yet.”

Oftentimes, it may feel as if we are the ones living regular, mundane lives while watching others through a glass window. Isn’t that what we do, at times, when we scroll through social media? We gaze at the way others look and where they are at in life and can only wish our lives could move forward toward that direction—all the while being stuck changing diapers or barely making rent. It feels like the world is watching “them,” while you are hidden.

However, isn’t it delightfully mysterious how we tend to gaze at the greatness of others, while God’s gaze is actually on us?

Psalm 121:8 says, “The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”

It’s easy to despise the humble places in life and disregard its beauty. However, it is actually God’s specialty to do glorious things through the seemingly overlooked and undervalued.

David, the last of 12 sons, was not even in the running to be presented to the prophet Samuel. He wasn’t seen by his father, but he was most definitely seen by God (1 Samuel 16).

Hannah, the less fruitful of the two wives of Elkanah, was shamed and disregarded. Yet, she was heard by God, and she blessed a nation (1 Samuel 1-3).

And then, there was a woman at Bethany, who so loved Jesus that she was willing to walk in front of a room full of men to humbly break an alabaster jar of perfume to anoint her Savior. Jesus Himself said that wherever the gospel is told in all the world, her story will be told as well. The disciples cast her aside, while Jesus lifted her up (Matthew 26:6-13).

How about Nazareth? Recall that little town that no one expected anything good to come out of? Out of all the places in the world, God chose Nazareth to be the place where Jesus was raised (John 1:46).

Perhaps we can be encouraged by these examples. They did not follow influence, reputation, or accomplishments. Rather, in the hidden seasons of their lives, they merely followed the whispers of God in the midst of their day-to-day. It rarely looked spectacular—until it did. And, it rarely looked like a miracle—until it was.

The matter of our significance is up to Jesus. And, if biblical history demonstrates anything, it is that He is drawn to the humble places. To God, the rejected and the overlooked are primed for His glory to be revealed. You may be living out stories that may not matter to millions just yet, but they will matter to the heart of God Almighty, for all of eternity.

His eyes do not scan the earth like human eyes do.

Therefore, you do not have to outperform the other to gain His attention. You do not have to be “extra good” in order to incur His favor. No need to post on Instagram to be seen or have a podcast to be heard.

Shall we delve deeper? You do not need to be recognized by big people in order to be recognized by Him. You do not have to be a different skin color to have a voice that is greatly used by God. No need to ashamedly hide the mess of your past in order to make it in the present.

Let us remember the One who was already lovingly and passionately considering you a thousand years ago on the cross. You have His attention, and the issue of your significance is already resolved. Jesus made sure of it.

So, pour that morning coffee.

Put that diaper on your child.

Return that package at the post office.

Go through that commute.

All the while, do so while knowing that there is absolutely nothing small and insignificant about your life, for heaven is watching it all. And, a cloud of witnesses pays great attention as they get to behold God’s glory revealed through your one-of-a-kind story.



Faith Eury Cho is the founder of The Honor Summit, a nonprofit organization that is driven to refresh and empower Christian women all around the world. Alongside her husband, Pastor David Cho, she is also the co-pastor of a new church plant in New Jersey and the NYC metropolitan area. Her most precious role, however, is being a mother to her 4 children— Moriah, Elias, River and Adalynn.