How To Unlock Your Creative Inspiration

As a child I hated showers.  Despised them.  I can't explain why, but I was determined to give Pig-Pen from the Peanuts Gang a run for his money.  My mother, however, forced me under the hot water and scrubbed me so hard I emerged as pink as a piglet's bottom.  Years later, I've come to love the shower...but not only because I've matured and prefer cleanliness, but, rather, because showers can cause creative inspiration.

I read an article explaining how inspiration is actually rooted in science. Because of this, we can create a system and life that allows ourselves to have better ideas more often.

The article stated that everything you've read, tasted, viewed, experienced, and learned over the years is stored in your brain as unrelated connections.

A section of your brain (right side, just behind your ear) helps connect the dots and puts them together into a cohesive idea. However, if you're stressed all the time or have created a crazy busy schedule with little margin, your brain has a harder time looking for those dots because it's so focused on what you have going on.  

When your body can relax, your creativity can shine as your brain connects the dots and presents solutions. This is why many people get their best ideas in the shower. They are completely disconnected -- no phones, no email, no computers -- which allows the brain to get to work.

I teach creative entrepreneurs how to revamp their businesses by creating challenges and learning how to get better…and be better.  If entrepreneurs are ready to take their passion to profitability, one of the first steps of action is to give Inspiration space; room to grow.

If you want better ideas this year, set a goal to regularly do something out of your norm.

-Read better books and read them more often.
-Go to museums.
-Take your daughter out for ice cream.
-Watch well-made films.
-Go for a walk.
-Go to a comedy show.  
-Go for a swim.
-Learn to cook (I'm working on this one!).
-Take up knitting.  

Making time to take care of yourself is better in the long run. I'm slowly learning to let go of the urge to stay busy and, instead, simply be. And when I feel stuck, my first step of action is to take a shower (much to Pig-Pen's chagrin, I'm sure).

Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is a brand strategist and photographer located in Newport Beach, California.  Together she and her fine-looking business partner (a.k.a. husband) travel the world teaching entrepreneurs how to revolutionize their businesses.  You can find more information at


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