Kelly Suazo-Davis

by Kelly Suazo-Davis


She is a fighter, a strong-willed young woman. The youngest of six children raised in a family where love was present; however, chaos, domestic violence, and addiction reigned. At an early age, she fought off pain and darkness, so it would not devour her light. To protect the little flame within herself, she molded an impenetrable armor over her emotions. An armor that would not fail, so she thought. Through teenage years and into young adulthood, she mastered the art of living with a hardened heart. Her tenacious and ferocious demeanor radiated through her presence and engulfed every room she entered. Determined not to become a statistic, she pursued higher education and a social services career. She had faith that was unguided, out of which she forged a habit of talking to God. This naive 23-year-old fiery Latina from Bronx, New York, relocated to Fayetteville, NC, newly married to her high school love. Then when their family expanded to include two toddlers, her husband joined the US Army in a time of war. 

After many years of navigating an intense and often unstable life, she realized that her boldness, resilience, and fervor consumed her, leaving no space to process life through an emotional lens and pursue a path of wholeness. The time arrived, and she had to decide to be a woman whose boldness was of the world or of Christ. Many women have experienced pressure from the world to not allow their wounds, scars, brokenness, failures, and fears to make a grand entrance. It takes great strength and boldness to own one’s wounds, story, healing, and faith journey.

God has ambitiously called every woman that professes her faith in Christ to stand firm, defy societal constructs, and boldly take up space in her sphere of influence. He gives clear examples throughout the Bible where boldness shifts circumstances and ignites generational blessings. Rahab, scarred by her societal identity as a prostitute, did not allow it to dictate her bold proclamation of faith (Joshua 2:1-14). The woman with the issue of blood was a cultural outcast, isolated, and unable to fellowship in community. However, her faith ignited the boldness to touch Jesus' hem (Luke 8:43-48; Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5:25-34). The boldness of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 allows her to be highly esteemed and influence her husband's success, who is an elder at the gates (Proverbs 31:25). The success of the community is directly connected to her wisdom from God.

We can tap into our own godly boldness when we follow the example of Jesus. Jesus humbled himself in the form of a servant, yet there was no weakness in his ministry. Our own humility at the feet of Jesus turns weakness to boldness through the journey of walking by faith, knowing that in God, we are strong (Ephesians 6:10).

Remember the young fiery, bold Latina with fierce faith? I am her. At 28 years old, I accepted Christ and began the journey of living a bold and courageous life in Christ. Has it been easy? Have I been perfect? Absolutely not. Despite the physical and emotional wounds, my scars remind me that I am adorned with strength and valor. In moments of despair, the Holy Spirit whispers that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), equipped to be a loving wife and mother, with gifts to grace the world. God pursues me. Covers me. Guides me. Amid my blessed daily madness, I remain in fellowship with Him. He desires to restore the parts of me that are messy, hurt, and frail. Prayer invites Him in and gives Him permission to heal and renew my spirit.

God's unique assignment for every Woman of God is pivotal for His purpose and plan. So, rise, lock arms with one another, love, uplift, and fan each other's flame to step into the world humble, bold, and virtuous. In Christ, we are called to boldly walk by faith, impact the world, and influence culture. Boldness rooted in God must be profoundly greater than the need to be understood by the world.

Kelly Suazo-Davis

Kelly Suazo-Davis, MA, is the Founder and CEO of Anchor In. Her life's mission is to equip, educate, and help people (especially women) through personal and professional coaching to discover purpose and unlock potential.  Kelly loves being a wife, mom of two spectacular young adults, and their two busy fur babies. Kelly enjoys serving families in the church, military, and local community. You can connect with Kelly on Instagram.

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