Lighting My Path

I’m currently in a season of “blah.” The kind of season where there’s not a whole lot of things going on outside of the normal, everyday routine of life.

I find myself impatiently waiting on the Lord to show me what’s next and what He has planned for me. I thrive on vision and goal-setting. I like to know what’s coming and prepare for it. If I let myself, I tend to live more for the future than being purposeful in the present.  

Several days ago, I was reading in Psalms, and landed on Psalm 119:105: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” I’ve read it countless times, and even have it memorized. But after reading it this time, something struck me. Why does it essentially say the same thing: lamp to my feet and light to my path?

When the Lord shows me something in Scripture, I sometimes see it as a scene in a movie. (Bear with me…it’s just how my mind works.) In this short film, I’m walking down a dusty, rocky path at night, holding a lantern by my side and close to the ground. As I’m walking, I notice that the lantern only lights what is right in front of my feet with darkness surrounding me, but I’m happy and fearless. After a while and out of curiosity, I lift the lantern higher and out in front of me. That small light suddenly illuminates the path far ahead of me. I continue walking with the lantern at eye level in awe at the beauty that surrounds this path…beautiful trees, lush green grass, and gorgeous flowers. I see other paths through this garden that are paved and easier to walk on. And then, suddenly, there is discontentment. There is complaining. Why can’t I walk on those nicely paved paths instead of the dusty, rocky one I’m on? The darkness is now overcoming the light. I’m scared. I’m mad. I’m doubting. I start walking backwards, attempting to get off this path.

And then I hear a stern voice wrapped in kindness:

Sweet girl, put the lantern back down by your feet. For now, you only need to see what’s right in front of you. When it’s time and in different seasons, I will show you the bigger picture. Keep walking; I promise to never leave your side. Keep trusting; I promise I won’t lead you astray. Keep going; I promise I won’t forget you. Be confident; my Word will light your steps and ultimately lead your path.


What did my slightly dramatic movie scene about Psalm 119:105 show me? I cannot be so focused on God lighting the path of my future that I neglect to let Him light the footsteps of my present. I don’t want to value what’s “over there” more than what’s “right here.” I must be intentional and faithful with each step along the way, and not be distracted by things around me. I must obediently shed light on what God wants to illuminate, not just what I want to highlight.

Let’s ask ourselves some questions: What do I need to learn in this present season? What areas do I need to grow in? What opportunities present themselves to tell others about the Lord? Who should I surround myself with now that will encourage and challenge me? Have I been focusing more on what others are doing around me instead of focusing on what God wants to do in and through me? Have I been neglecting my family or those closest to me in pursuit of my dreams, job advancement, or ministry opportunities?

There’s nothing wrong with seeking the Lord about our future, but let’s not forget fulfilling our God-given purposes right now in the present. If we knew too much about God’s plans for us, we might let fear, comparisons, insecurity, and pride distract us. We can, instead, rest in knowing He will reveal things to us in His orchestrated time. When we trust the Lord and allow the lamp of His Word to guide our feet, He is faithful to provide light for our future path.

Karen Harmon

Karen Harmon is a wife, homeschooling mother, and physical therapist. She is active in her church serving in worship, small groups, and media. You can connect with Karen on her website, Instagram, or Facebook.


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