Propel Blog: Top Ten Articles From 2015

2015 was a year for the books here at Propel. We have been blown away by the response from women all over the globe, and we haven’t even reached our one year mark! From our Propel Collective, events, and blog, we love that Propel is connecting women from all spheres of life who are learning to lead well wherever they find themselves.

On our Propel blog we wanted to spur honest conversations by publishing articles that felt like sitting down over coffee with your best friend. No pretense, no formalities, just real talk. From addressing the question, “Is God calling me to lead”, to How to lead in the midst of fear and trepidation.”

Being a woman in our crazy, fast-paced world often translates into feeling like a circus clown juggling way too many balls, and hoping that nothing hits the ground. We’ve gathered together fellow women who are all too familiar with this experience to lend their wisdom to the Propel community.

To celebrate a year of amazing content we want to share the top ten posts shared on social media. So find yourself a quiet moment (which we know are few and far between), a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and take in some of the wisdom 2015 brought us.

10. Leading With an Imperfect Life by: Michelle Cushat
No matter how your story started read about how to lead and finish strong.

9. Woman of Grace and Control by: Havilah Cunnington
In moments where we want to give our “two cents,” learn how an open ear to the Spirit always sets us up for success.

 8. Faith For the Man He’ll Become by: Carolyn McCulley
As a God-seeking woman we can discern a man after God’s heart, and take part in helping him grow into the man God has called him to be.

7. Finding Your Value by: Matti Gresham
In our world it’s easy to displace where our true value comes from. Read how one woman found the true source of her worth.

6. Having Confidence by: Aubrey Byers
Finding confidence is a journey, no matter who you are. Discover the assurance of finding your confidence in God, and why it makes all the difference in your leadership capacity.

5. 10 Ways Leaders Can Overcome Fear by: Alli Worthington
Fear can be crippling, and as leaders we need to know that it doesn’t have to rule our lives. Read ten practical ways to identify fear and rise above it.

4. Is God Calling You To Lead? by: Sharon Hodde Miller
How often do we base our ability to lead on our past, weakness, or resources? Learn about the only foundation worth basing our future upon.

3. 12 Verses on Leadership by: the Propel Team
Put these twelve verses on leadership in your car, write them on your bathroom mirror, whatever it takes to remember that God is for you as you lead.       

2. Burnout: The Struggle is Real by: Karen Harmon
Are you at the end of your rope? Here are three powerful tips on how to avoid or recover from the very real struggle of burnout.

1. Selfcare vs. Guilt by: Jessica Turner
Do you feel as though you are doing something wrong when you take time for yourself? Learn five reasons why “re-filling your battery” is essential.

Happy New Year!

Lead Well,
Team Propel


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