Purpose is a Process

For as long as I can remember I have always felt an innate sense of “purpose.” Even at a very young age, no one had to tell me God created me for a purpose and with a purpose; I knew my purpose and had deep conviction that it was somehow related to law and government.

Fast forward a few years into my early twenties. Somehow the sense of divine purpose I had as a kid turned into an extremely competitive and self-centered career oriented life plan. I was focused and well-intentioned, but the truth is, I had it completely upside down. Thankfully, right about that same time, a few people came into my life and helped refine and teach me that despite what the world tells us, self-actualization is not the end game.

In fact, the end game for a Christian is quite the opposite. It is dying to self and serving others. This was simple–but pivotal–and through it God repositioned my heart. My sense of purpose began to change from being rooted in a nebulous idea of what I wanted to accomplish, into a new approach to life that is fueled by the excitement of being used by God in a very unique way.

Discovering our own purpose is an ever-unfolding adventure that becomes more defined with each step of faith and obedience. There are always many natural indicators along the way such as personal interests and abilities, but I have found that true clarity comes when we start by approaching every major life decision with the questions, “My life is not my own, God what would you have me do?” and, “How does this decision serve the Kingdom of God?”

Our own purpose is part of a much bigger picture. We are all a part of one family, each uniquely stationed at a different post, tasked with carrying out the message of the gospel. When we begin to see life through that lens, everything changes. In fact, it infuses meaning into everything we do from the seemingly mundane to the obviously profound.

Today I currently serve as the Policy Director for the governor of Louisiana. As time passes, I know more that my post will most likely continue in the realm of government and public policy making. But I didn’t always know that, it has been a journey, one day at a time. This is my post. Everyone’s post is different. So settle into the unfolding process. Trust, obey, take risks, and ride the current. Choose to see your life through heaven’s eyes–forgiven, chosen, believed in, and born for such a time as this. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Natalie LaBorde

Policy Director, Office of Government Bobby Jindal, Louisiana.

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