Speak Your Dreams Out LouD

Emily Jansen

by Emily Jansen


I'll never forget the day my friend looked me in the eyes with a mischievous smirk and said, “I always wanted to be a rockstar.” He paused, and quietly added, “I’ve never told anyone that before.”

I was honored that he would share his secret dream with me, but also taken aback by this beautiful moment of release. He had vocalized his dream, and somehow, it became such a powerful manifestation of hope simply because he had verbalized it out loud. We sat there, sitting in the pause and beauty of the truth unveiled. In that moment, something as faint as a whisper in his soul became a tangible potential reality of his future.

When we speak our dreams, they become more real.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “I have a dream.” By vocalizing that to thousands of people, he signaled something important. By speaking his dream aloud, he was revealing something that could change the world forever and breathe life into his generation. His listeners knew the poignant weight it carried. Spoken words can change reality: after all, God himself created by speaking.

When was the last time you vocalized your dream? Perhaps you aren’t standing up on a stage in front of thousands of listeners, but neither are your dreams buried or hidden from your community, unless you allow them to be. When we vocalize our dreams, we are acknowledging to ourselves, to God, and to the world that we are creators. We are made to create beautiful things, and in this way, co-create with our Creator Himself. Our dreams hold even more value because they are often built within the vulnerability of community, and ultimately, for community.

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Jesus said, The truth will set you free (John 8:32).These words both draw me closer and also challenge me. In order to no longer be stuck in the past or in indecision, I must speak and acknowledge the truth. And, sometimes the truth hurts. Once spoken, actions or decisions inevitably follow. There is a certain freedom that comes with setting our intentions. Over time, I’ve discovered three reasons why vocalizing our dreams is essential to building into the future.

Vocalizing your dream brings clarity

Have you told anyone your vision or dream? Have you written it down, brought it up with a therapist/mentor/close friend? Have you shared it with your manager or colleagues? If not, what is holding you back? Have you withheld speaking your dream to others because you’re afraid it’s not worthy, ‘a good idea,’ or something that take flight? When we create intentional space to share our hopes and vision with others, we’re creating a context where ideas can be crystallized, refined, and formulated.

Vocalizing your dream strengthens community

The saying “it takes a village” is also true of our dreams. Dreams need support, cheerleading, and momentum. You’re not alone. Don’t think that you must do it all on your own. You don’t have to tell everyone, and people earn the right to know about the things you hold closest to your heart and chest. Whatever disappointment or inspiration is driving you towards your dream, anticipate the fact that many people could benefit from your vision, story, product, service, or collaboration born out of your dream.

Vocalizing your dream drives creativity

In the early stages of authoring my book, I assumed I was going to find a literary agent and publisher. After several months of rejection letters, I began exploring hybrid-publishing. This led to the creation of a wonderful network of sub-contractors and creatives who ultimately helped bring my vision to life, from the book cover to the way I integrated art and poetry into my overall offering. When we honor the time and margin it takes for great ideas to percolate, we leave space for creative things to emerge. Be prepared – your dreams have a life of their own – they will change and evolve. Your final product will very likely not be where you started; but it will likely be better! How can you invite creative thinking into your dream?

Our dreams matter to God because He is the author of the “desires of our hearts” (Psalm 37:4). Our dreams matter because redemption flows from our deepest points of pain. Your dreams matter because there is a legacy and story that only you have to offer the world. And, despite disappointments or detours or delays of the past, God still invites you to dream. Even if you feel like your dreams are locked up, your Creator is smiling at you holding a key and a promise: the truth will set you free.

I have loved and lost, and my dreams have been battered and bruised in dozens of ways over the years. But without a shadow of a doubt, I know with all my heart that even in the death of dreams, new dreams are being birthed. And as I courageously vocalize my dreams, I find myself smiling – because even if I can only whisper it, I know the One who hears me loud and clear. And that truth is freedom.




Emily Jansen is the author of the bestselling book, A Wilder Eden: How to Keep Dreaming in a World of Disappointments. Please visit www.emilyjjansen.com to join her list, download free resources, and learn more. Emily’s book is available on Amazon via Kindle/paperback and her content is featured on Instagram: @awildereden.