Lindsay Van Ek and Emily Fekken

by Lindsay Van Ek and Emily Fekken


What does it mean to be created in the image of God? What does the Bible mean when it calls us vessels, or hosts, of the Holy Spirit? What does beauty look like in the Kingdom of God — and how does this compare with our secular interpretation of beauty?

Because we live in a world where far too many feel shame about their bodies, we wanted to use our gifts in poetry and photography to proclaim the louder truth of what God says about our bodies. We created Templed Bodies to celebrate the diversity of Kingdom beauty by embracing and honoring the bodies we have.

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

Even though we may struggle with our own ideas of beauty, we each have an invitation to look at ourselves in the mirror and remember the nearness of God. It becomes less about stretch marks, weight, and skin texture. It becomes more about Jesus and the fullness of his glory that beckons our transformation. We are more than just bodies – we are templed bodies. We are hosts of true beauty. This empowers us to see ourselves as beautiful, and to call out the unique beauty in other women, too.

Templed Bodies



I was pieces, On the floor scattered
Nonsensical fragments of dried clay
Puzzle pieces so battered and shattered
Some kind of broken art on display

Cursed my pieces and my very identity
Self hate, self complaint, of a beautiful anatomy
Profanity, to the ears on the artist
For even my sharpest parts, his love is ardent




Potter’s finest work, best admired candidly
Downgraded to filters, and silicone vanity
It’s a tragedy, buying into this fallacy
Like trading a ceramic vase, for a plastic reality

I am art, though I have fallen and fractured my intent
I begin to lament and look to my maker
Exposing my pieces in an honest prayer




Hush mind, hush brokenness
Pour into my grand rifts of hopelessness
Restore my form, and let me see you
Remind me again until I believe you

Who am I? He speaks it over me. At any moment, at any time. And then I see. And I remember.

A Holding for holiness, a bodies design
Talented face, His in mine
Statue of grace, sculpted with time
A seed of weakness, reaping the divine




Such ethereal beauty, exquisite form
Broken then whole, and joined with gold
Elegant and sweet, eternal soul
Traded a shrine, for these dusty bones
Sets me to rest on His cornerstone

Sacred skeleton, but far from dead
Created in an Image of the Godhead
O pieces o pieces once worn and disband
Carefully crafted and reshaped by hand
Sanctifying, setting of parts, set apart firsthand
Consecrated concrete beauty, abstract freehand

This is who I am. He speaks it over me. At any moment, at any time. And then I see. And I remember.





A shattered temple, to live in bodies
Composing our pieces, to make something original
Never meant to be carbon copies
Shards and slivers bonded in a miracle
A woman, not digital or fictional, an individual
A Templed body, Host of Glory
A vessel of honor and Gospel story.



Lindsay Van Ek is a photographer, small business owner, and a tattoo and coffee enthusiast. She is passionate about travel, storytelling, curly hair products, and Jesus. Lindsay has a BA in ministry leadership and desires to see every woman made whole by the power of the Holy Spirit as they learn to walk closely with him.


Emily Fekken is a wife and mother, a senior student at Northpoint Bible College, disciple, and poet. She loves all things spicy, fashionably bold, and creative. She feels particularly driven to see Jesus redeem and restore women in their relationship with their bodies.

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