The Greatest Leadership Principle

Never let your profession, a title, power or economic status define who you are.

It is far better to be defined by our character, integrity, and high moral and ethical standards than by a title. Titles change, our roles change, but our character defines us and what we believe. Our character is the outward expression of what is in our hearts and what is driving us from within.

We must be clear, we are not just representing our organization's brand. Most importantly, we are representing our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the one who opens doors for us and the one who gives us the knowledge, wisdom, and discernment to perform in our roles to the best of our abilities and to fulfill our full potential.

Our leadership attributes, actions and behaviors should always bring him glory. After all, it is really not about our personal success; it is about allowing Christ to get the glory as he uses our hands to do the extraordinary here on earth.

Through the years, I have witnessed that the greatest leaders are servant leaders. These leaders are looking for ways to make a monumental impact in their organizations, in their communities and in the lives of the people they serve. These leaders are selfless, self-motivated, and driven by the desire to empty themselves out to the glory of God.


What is driving these leaders? They are convinced that if they continue to pour themselves out to build others up, God will continue to pour himself into them. I am a living witness of this truth! The more I give back to my family, my community, organization, or my church, the more God opens doors for me and fills me with his presence.

I’m fueled and driven by God’s love for me, his promises to me, and his presence in my life. I don’t seek him for anything else but for His glory and perfect will for my life.

I believe that the diligent pursuit of God’s will and the willingness to decrease so that His light can shine in our lives is the key that unlocks the door to God’s unlimited favor. And, we know that favor is better than all the silver and gold in the world (scripture)

When we walk in God’s favor, He adds everything else we need, like a good, good father.

I find myself thanking Him and praising Him more and more each day for blessings I didn’t ask for and opportunities I didn’t see coming my way. I’m walking in the favor of God!

I want to encourage you to seek God for his perfect will for your life. If you are a leader, ask him for wisdom, discernment, and knowledge so that you are used by Him to be a blessing to those you lead and to your respective organizations.

If you are an aspiring leader, pray for revelation, patience, and His revealed purpose for your life. Above all else, walking in your purpose designed by the father and fulfilling your full-potential will not only bless you, but His extraordinary will come together with your ordinary and you will accomplish the unimaginable.

As you gain greater responsibility, leadership roles, and titles refuse to be defined by these things and measure your success by God’s standards. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all of His righteousness and ALL these things shall be added unto you.

As you seek God first, he will add all of the rest and not only will He give you the desires of your heart but He will cause you to be a blessing where you are planted.

It is not about the title, your profession, power, or economic status, but it is all about God’s glory.

To hear more from Rosilyn, join us at Activate 2018! She’ll be a part of our panel, and we can’t wait to hear all that God has to say through her!


Rosilyn Houston

Rosilyn Houston is currently the head of U.S. Human Resource Operations at BBVA Compass. She also serves in the non-profit and faith-based sector, while being the mother of three children.


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