The Power of Identity

My love language with The Lord has always been something that is a shining light in my life. He has one with all of us. Mine usually occurs in the early morning hours, upon arising, as I am awakened to the sound of praise music in my mind or a sermon brewing in my heart. It’s always God providing instructions and those instructions are always spoken in a unique language that only He and I understand. I have learned to love and embrace the unique way God communicates with me.

He has a love language with all of us!

This morning Dad said, “The eye can’t say to the foot I don’t need you.” I lay in bed thinking about the truth of how much we need each other for the body of Christ to move forward and change the world today. Being “saved” is great but if you’re saved, but not surrendered, your faith is completely ineffective.   

Then He showed me what it looks like to be un-surrendered in the context of your influence on the entire body of Christ. The visual was funny. The foot was shaking around and not walking correctly. It was dangling and moving erratically. It was in total rebellion to the rest of the body which was trying to walk in a different direction and without the foot walking with it the body could go nowhere. The foot was trying to do its own thing and the eye kept saying, “Stop. Come this way. I’m trying to take us in that direction. I see a problem. You must walk over this way with us.” But the foot would not listen.  

The foot’s erratic and wasted movement was slowing the entire body down. There was no unity of purpose. Progress was severely hindered. The body was unable to achieve its desired purpose of moving in a specific direction.

I realized something necessary for the kingdom of God to advance in the hurting world we live in. Each one of us must understand and walk in the power of our identity in order for any real progress to be made in the entire body of Christ. The foot, sadly, did not realize its identity and therefore its importance.

Each one of us must walk in the atmosphere shifting power of our identity in Christ in order to change our homes, influence our communities, and change our nations. You simply cannot move forward powerfully with God in your life when you don’t fully understand the purposes for which He uniquely created you. It is urgent that you embrace your uniqueness!

Nobody in the world is like you. We hear this. Yet I think the biggest challenge people, especially women, face is in loving and embracing their real identity. Historically, we have been broken down by all kinds of abuses. Women have been marginalized, denied our place of relevance, and categorically made to embrace a lowered self-esteem rather than a powerful confidence.

We have been taught to seek identity in social media, relationships, career, kids, money, books and magazines, through spiritual leaders, or through our husbands. We seek identity everywhere but in Jesus Christ the author and creator of our identity.  

Yet, everywhere my eye looks I see change on the horizon.

I believe that women, in this season, are being called to take their place as Leaders in our homes, in our communities, in our nations, and spiritually. For far too long we’ve been taught to be women by men. God is raising up women “for such a time as this” to lead women into breakthrough that men cannot lead us into, will not lead us into, and are ill-equipped to lead us into. Our identities as Esthers, Deborahs, and Jaels are being called forth, embraced, lifted up, and activated to change the world.

My purpose everywhere I go to speak, preach, share, or influence is to release a deeper, simpler understanding of identity in the body of Christ. Every TV program I produce for Cynthia Garrett Ministries is aimed at one chief target: helping others—especially my sisters around the world—find, reclaim, and walk powerfully and boldly in their identities as determined by God.  

Salty foods make people thirsty. As scripture calls us the salt of the earth, we are called to make others thirsty for the life-giving water of Christ.   

The world needs a drink. Just one drink of His living water brings life to a child, joy to a home, purpose to a nation, love to the world. YOU are that drink.  

Go forth in identity. May your life cause others to desire a drink from Him.

Cynthia Garrett

Cynthia Garrett has been a network TV personality, writer, and producer for 20+ years. Her love of evangelism caused her to create, executive produce, and host The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett currently airing on TBN internationally. Cynthia's unique style of ministry has captured the world and as an ordained pastor and itinerant minister she travels the globe regularly preaching to millions of men and women. / London Sessions  

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