Top 15 Propel Articles of 2016

Upward and onward! 2016 has been a year of expansion here at Propel and we can’t thank you enough for growing with us.

From our Propel Chapters, curriculums, events, and blog, we love that women from all over the world are coming together and embracing the call to lead well.

Our Propel blog has thrived this year and it may seem a bit biased, but we’re pretty sure it’s because we house some of the most amazing contributors ever! Their ability to connect with us as though we are all in this together trying to navigate the same hurdles and overcome the same giants in life is profound and exactly why we created this space.

We couldn’t be more grateful for each one of you who makes it a point to share the Propel love with your own perspective communities. We appreciate every share, re-tweet and like over the past two years and because of your support we have been able to reach even more woman like yourselves who are passionate about moving forward.

This year we touched on some amazing topics that helped bridge the gap between our present and our futures. Topics like “What To Do When Your Calling Doesn’t Make Sense” by Sharon Hodde Miller and “When Destiny Defeats Shame” by Christine Caine helped us to not get burdened by our past and continue pressing towards our God given callings no matter the obstacles.

So pour yourself an extra cup of coffee, enjoy some much needed time with loved ones and take a moment to read through the best articles 2016 brought us.

1. When Your Calling Doesn't Make Sense by Sharon Hodde Miller  

2. Imposter Syndrome by Sharon Hodde Miller 

3. 5 Often-Hidden Consequences Of Shame by Christine Caine

4. The Sweet Mercy Of Suffering by Michele Cushatt

5. Crown of Life by Lisa Bevere 

6. My Issues. His Grace. by Elyse Murphy 

7. Why Knowing Your Purpose Doesn’t Mean You Are Ready by Kristen Dalton

8. Your Dream v. God’s Calling by Mariah McManus Goss 

9. The Dating Dance by Elyse Murphy

10. Dealing With False Accusations by Karen Harmon 

11. Overcoming A Discontented Heart by Heather Lindsey

12. Why Your Calling Is Worth Protecting by Kayla Henry 

13. Seven Signs You Are Too Busy by Alli Worthington 

14. What You Must Know About Perfection and Overcoming Procrastination by Alli Worthington 

15. How Discerning Are You? by Lisa Bevere 


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