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Are you worried about the stress and busyness of the holiday season? Or perhaps you’d rather put 2020 behind you and fast forward to the new year. The truth is, how you finish this year will have a profound impact on what comes next.  

That’s why we want to finish this year STRONG, full of FAITH and VITALITY for the new year.

On December 8th, join us for a free Propel Leadership Webinar. We’re talking about how to Finish Strong.

Hear from Christine Caine {Founder of Propel Women and A21} and Megan Dredge {Propel Global Leadership Coach} as they share wisdom and practical insights from their own leadership experience.

Topic: Finish Strong


In this webinar you’ll discover:

 -      how to end the year with purpose and intentionality

-       how to lead yourself and those around you to a victorious end of year

-       practical strategies for finishing strong

-       how to end this year in a way that makes starting the next one even better


Mark your calendars to join thousands of women from around the world on December 8th at 1 PM CST or 8 PM CST!  

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