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Today I Choose Joy


Choosing joy is a choice we are given each day. But in this season, choosing joy often feels like a challenge.

What if you knew the key to making choices that would bring you purpose, joy and LIFE each day?

On August 25th, join us for a free Propel Leadership Webinar. We’re talking about how to find, choose and experience true joy.

Hear from Christine Caine {Founder of Propel Women and A21} and Megan Dredge {Propel Global Leadership Coach} as they share wisdom and practical insights from their own leadership experience.

Topic: Today I Choose Joy

We’ll be discussing:

- The joy mindset

- How to see each day as a divine gift from God

- The importance of intentionally looking for God’s movement in your everyday life

- Practical strategies for finding joy in the midst of turmoil

- How to develop joy in your everday life as a discipline

- How to experience true biblical joy


Mark your calendars to join thousands of women from around the world on August 25th at 1 PM CDT or 8 PM CDT!  

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