Passion Leader Kit


“Passionate people don’t see obstacles—they create opportunities.”

The Propel Conversation Series curriculum was designed as an intentional conversation starter and guide to biblical truth. In it, we tackle conversations about how to lead ourselves and others in day-to-day life and calling.

In this series on Passion, your group will explore topics like:

• How to identify your passion.
• Using your gifts to make an impact.
• The connection between passion and purpose.
• The spiritual disciplines that help to cultivate growth.
• How to support and encourage the dreams of the people around you.
• The power of living holistically: Integrating what you believe and who you are into every area of your life.

Each series is organized into 6 dynamic sessions. Passion features practical wisdom and inspiring insights from Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Bianca Juarez Olthoff, Alli Worthington, and Mercy Lokulutu.

To use the Propel Conversation Series, you’ll need the videos plus one workbook for each person in your group. You can purchase additional Passion workbooks for the women in your group here.
Looking for a digital Passion Leader Kit, no shipping required? You can find the downloadable Leader Kit here.