Propel Statement Long Sleeve Tee


This long sleeve t-shirt made by survivors of human trafficking in partnership with Known Supply proclaims the Propel Woman statement. 

Shirt reads:

"Propel is for every women who desires to make an impact in her world for the Kingdom. She believes she is to be sent into the harvest field, using her unique passions and talents to influence her world for the Gospel. Everything about her is forward-moving and missional-- she does not see her calling or career as compartmentalized from her identity, but understands that her God-given identity is the core of her influence in every sphere she walks into-- her relationship, her studies, her workplace. She is compelled by a deep, inner conviction that she is meant for something more. Something greater than herself. Something challenging, yet fulfilling. She is every woman who believes she is meant to tear down unfit stereotypes and step into the truth of all God has made her to be. She sees bigger than her world, yet will always use what is in her hands to impact the world around her and embrace those in her sphere. She understands that in order to fulfill her purpose, she must be surrounded with like-minded women who encourage her, challenge her, and help her grow. She is a woman who leads-- and believes she was made to lead. She gives all that she has. Puts it all on the line. Leaves nothing behind."

• Long-sleeve t-shirt
• 100% organic cotton
• Personalized signature on each product
XS: Width 18 ½ Length 27”
S: Width 19 ½ Length 27 ⅝ 
M: Width 20 ½ Length 28 ¼ 
L: Width 21 ½ Length 28 ⅞
XL: Width 22 ½ Length 29 ½ 
XXL: Width 23 ½ Length 30 ⅛

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