Momentum Leader Kit (Digital Download)


If we want to become the women God has called us to be, it’s important that we are active and ready for what’s next. That doesn’t mean we always know what the future holds or that obstacles don’t lay ahead of us. But just as the wind can more easily move something already in motion, the Spirit can propel us forward when we’re already engaged and taking action. This series considers what it means to always be ready for God’s call, and how we can partner with him for greater momentum.

This series is organized into 6 dynamic sessions:

• Moving Forward
• Advance
• Better Together
• Charting a New Course
• Enemies & Obstacles
• Always Be Ready

Momentum features practical wisdom and inspiring insights from Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Bianca Juarez Olthoff, Natalie LaBorde, and Karen Harmon.To use the Propel Conversation Series, you’ll need the Influence videos plus one workbook for each person in your group. You can purchase additional digital workbooks for the women in your group here.

After purchasing your curriculum, this resource will be accessible for download through your Propel Account under Digital Downloads.