Influence Leader Kit (Digital Download)


We don’t have to speak in front of thousands or write books read by millions to have a strong influence on other people—we simply have to be around them. Whether we’re aware of it or not, our words and actions can impact others in powerful ways.

As we encounter others in our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities, we can learn how to use our influence for God’s glory.

In this series on Influence, your group will explore topics like:

• Why influence isn’t instant, and how it grows.
• The connection between spiritual gifts and influence.
• Overcoming the reluctance, anxieties, and fears that are holding you back.
• The unexpected ways in which capacity is expanded and character is built.
• Allowing God to use every aspect of your personal story to create a powerful testimony and a lasting legacy.

This series is organized into 6 dynamic sessions, featuring practical wisdom and inspiring insights from Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Dianna Nepstad, Oneka McClellan, and Brandy Cheek.

To use the Propel Conversation Series, you’ll need the Influence videos plus one workbook for each person in your group. You can purchase additional digital workbooks for the women in your group here.  

After purchasing your curriculum, this resource will be accessible for download through your Propel Account under Digital Downloads.